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Protek is a manufacturer of high performance fire fighting equipment designed to improve the safety and efficiency of fire fighting personnel and help protect people, property and the environment from dangerous fires.

We offer a wide range of products from handline and master stream nozzles to fire monitors and foam equipment. In addition, we provide a wide selection of accessories and valves to broaden the application of our products.

We serve various markets across government and municipal, oil and gas, petrochemical, mining and construction, marine and offshore, wildland forestry, airports, commercial and industrial fire protection. We have considerable experience in supplying major projects and have helped secure contracts on an international bid basis.

Featured Products

Style 366-L
1-1/2" Selectable Gallonage Nozzle with Pistol Grip

Style 325
1-1/2" Multi-Mode Nozzle

Style 366-BCSP
Shipboard Selectable Gallonage Nozzle

Style 848-BC
Selectable Gallonage Bronze Construction

Style 823-BC
Adjustable Flow-Baffle Monitor Nozzles

Style 887-BC
Self-Educting Monitor Nozzles

Style 660
Style 660 Monitor Shown with Style 109 Stream Shaper and Style 121 Quad Stacked

Style 661
Style 661 Monitor Shown with Style 837-BC nozzle

Style 620
Twin-Inlet Dual-Purpose Portable Ground Monitor

Style IRCS
Integrated Romote Control System

Style 201
60 GPM 95 GPM

Style 542
Multi-Purpose Wye