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     ■    Ball Shutoffs & Playpipes provide versatile combination with Protek's nozzle tips and various
           smooth bore tips
     ■    Smooth Bore Tips produce concentrated water flow for maximum reach and are
            compatible with Protek's handline nozzles and monitors
     ■    Stream Shapers have inbuilt vanes keep flow laminar and improve reach and straight jet
     ■     Our selection of Adapters increases the flexibility of our handline nozzles, enabling its
            application across various geographic regions
     ■    Flexible Joint improve nozzle handling

Style 111
Srream Shaper for Handline Nozzles

Style 129
Pistol Grip Adapter

Style 133
British Instantaneous Adapter

Style 139
Machino Adapter

Style 150
Flexible Joint

Style 191
Folding Coupling Spanner

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