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     ■    Protek's Oscillating Flange readily transforms a manual monitor into an oscillating monitor
     ■    Very easy to set up by unbolting the existing monitor and inserting either the Style 911
            or 916 conversion kit between the flanges
     ■    The Monitor Ball-Valve Shutoff accommodates a wide range of Protek monitors,
            improves sealing and increases gating ability
     ■    Protek's Hydrant Mount allows a fixed site monitor to be mounted to a 2-1/2" (65 mm)
            hydrant port

Style 196
Bracket for Style 600 monitor

Style 560
Monitor Ball-Valve Shutoff

Style 560.ASY
Style 560 valve shown with Style649 monitor

Style 656
The Pipe

Style 656+622
Style 656 shown with Style 622 monitor

Style 699
Hydrant Mount

Style 911
Oscillating Flange

Style 916
Oscillating Flange

Style 918
Style 911 flange shown with Style 611 monitor and 848-BC nozzle

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